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June 29, 2023
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Knox Mountain Dentistry

Case Study

Introduction & Background

Knox Mountain Dentistry embarked on a journey to redefine dental marketing by wanting to create a unique online presence and supporting marketing collateral for its brand-new dental clinic. Led by Dr. Sanders, the clinic aimed to embody its motto, 'Dentistry done different,' by providing patients with an environment focused on holistic well-being, promoting the opportunity to feel better and live better.

Dr. Sanders envisioned Knox Mountain Dentistry as more than just a dental clinic. He sought to create an experience where patients not only received top-notch dental care but also felt empowered to live healthier lives. This vision drove the need for a marketing strategy that reflected this unique approach in a competitive market like Kelowna. Dr. Sanders aimed to transform the dental experience by creating a dental clinic that altered the negative stigma associated with dental care.


Kelowna's dental clinic market was not only highly competitive but also saturated with traditional dental marketing approaches. Knox Mountain Dentistry faced the daunting task of breaking through this clutter and effectively communicating their unique brand message to potential patients.

With limited time to capture attention, the challenge was to convey their innovative approach and holistic care philosophy in a way that resonated with their target audience. They needed an entire online presence built from the ground up, and built in a way that painted them in a unique light; showing the city that they were doing dentistry a little differently.

The Solution

In response to the challenges faced by Knox Mountain Dentistry, they collaborated with us, Buzz Marketing, on a strategic approach that defied conventional dental marketing norms. Together, we abandoned typical dental imagery and instead embraced a nature-focused, calming brand aesthetic. This included a carefully curated colour palette, imagery inspired by natural elements, and a website design that reflected the clinic's commitment to holistic well-being.

Buzz Marketing formulated an entire customized marketing package including:

  • Custom Website (
  • Professional Corporate Video
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising
  • Google Search & Display Advertising

We formulated an entire customized marketing package for Knox Mountain Dentistry, which included a custom website ( designed to enhance user experience and convey the clinic's unique brand identity. Additionally, Buzz Marketing produced a professional corporate video that showcased Knox Mountain Dentistry's values, services, and patient-centric approach. This video served as a powerful tool for brand storytelling and engagement.

To drive online visibility and attract targeted traffic, we implemented a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, optimizing the website's content, structure, and online presence to rank higher in search engine results. Additionally, Buzz Marketing ran qualified Search Ads, ensuring visibility among individuals actively seeking dental services or considering a switch. This targeted approach captured search intent, expanded reach to relevant audiences, and directed potential patients to Knox Mountain Dentistry.

Furthermore, Knox Mountain Dentistry leveraged Buzz Marketing's expertise in Facebook and Instagram advertising, running targeted campaigns that reached potential patients interested in their approach to dental care. These campaigns not only built brand awareness but also generated direct inquiries and engagement.

In parallel, Buzz Marketing managed Google Search and Display Advertising campaigns, ensuring Knox Mountain Dentistry's visibility across Google's platforms, capturing search intent, and expanding their reach to relevant audiences. This integrated approach, encompassing creative design, targeted advertising, SEO, and digital optimization, was essential in positioning Knox Mountain Dentistry within the competitive market.

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"I’ve worked with the Buzz team for over a year now, and together we’ve put together an amazing website, done some awesome marketing, and are now shooting an amazing video. Professional, responsive, and collaborative, I love the way the Buzz team works. Highly recommended!"

-Dr. Jordan Sanders, Owner at Knox Mountain Dental


To stand out in a crowded dental industry, partnering with trusted marketing experts is paramount. Knox Mountain Dentistry's collaboration with Buzz Marketing proved instrumental in their success journey. By leveraging Buzz Marketing's full marketing bundle, Knox Mountain Dentistry delivered a consistent brand message that resonated with their target audience's main points, effectively addressing their needs and concerns.

This tailored approach not only enhanced brand recognition but also drove tangible results, leading to a fully booked schedule by the end of year 1. This partnership with Buzz Marketing exemplifies the importance of strategic marketing alliances in navigating competitive markets and achieving sustainable growth.

Looking ahead, Knox Mountain Dentistry will continue to be successful as they continue to innovate and deliver exceptional patient experiences. Their journey serves as an inspiration for other dental clinics looking to differentiate themselves in competitive markets and redefine the standard of care in the industry.