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YouTube is the most popular site for watching videos online. One of their many advantages over other types of platforms, like Google or Facebook's advertising; it only counts sustained viewing as engagement which means you never pay when someone sees your video but quickly skips through content. This makes YouTube an extremely cost-effective way to get seen by potential customers at only pennies per view.




Video Production

We have years of experience in creating video content for the YouTube platform. Whether you're looking to expand your views on an existing video or create a new company or product video, our team will create amazing video content and it will be seen by viewers who will make a positive impact on your bottom line.




Focused Targeting

When you want to maximize your YouTube ads, it is important that the right audience sees them. We can help with this by selecting a specific target group for each objective we set out in our campaign - like retargeting and affinity-based targeting on popular channels within their niche or market sector; keyword selection based off competitors' names as well as industry knowledge from years of experience running YouTube advertising across many different industries.




Your Brand

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, which makes it an excellent platform for businesses looking to improve brand awareness, lead generation and sales. As a complete YouTube advertising agency we will provide everything your business needs to advertise on this platform from creating your videos, building campaigns and creating video ads.


We offer flexible pricing and customized plans.

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    I worked with BUZZ Marketing to promote my first music video on Youtube. BUZZ provides you with all the back end information/stats you need, they were super helpful & got back to me asap with answers to all my questions. Thanks BUZZ Team!!

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